My name is Timothy McGee. I work at NCIS as a special agent. I'm also a best selling author. My father is a Navy Admiral and my mom is a traveling artist.

Apart from working, I like spending time with my boyfriend, Logan Cale. There's a lot about him and his world that I don't really understand, but I'm learning. To tell you the truth, sometimes it can be very overwhelming and scary. But I love Logan with all my heart, and there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for him.


Of from work

Finally … I can go to my apartment and relax. I need some tea. Honey? Lemon? I haven’t decided yet. Maybe a hot shower, too. I’m damn sore from chasing a suspect today. Fell down a cement hill with Ziva. Not fun.

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    Logan gets back into his wheelchair offering him a hand.
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    Tim nods softly closing his eyes once more. He was feeling super exhausted and blamed that and his pain from the chase...